Budapest Hostels

Rastel Hostel
Located in in Budapest, Hungary, the Rastel is popular among travellers who are looking for affordable accommodation, but do not want to stay in a dirty, uninviting place. The word “affordable” is often associated with low-quality, but that is not the case with the Rastel. Book Now

Penthouse Privates
Penthouse Privates is a larger than average hostel that features a broad range of room sizes and accommodations. Guests can book rooms that have shared baths or they can make reservations for rooms with their own private baths. Book Now

Retox Party Hostel
The hostel is located in an old courtyard, which is enhanced with graffiti from both local and international artists. A backpackers’ bar lies in the back of the resort where guests can relax during mornings or afternoons with few beers and meet people coming from different states. Book Now

Infinity Party Hostel
Extra services provided for the visitors’ security and comfort include a safe, exclusive mini-market, non-smoking area, property heating and a designated smoking area. More information about the services can be found at the hotel’s reception or can be provided over the phone. Book Now

Adagio Hostel 2.0
Their friendly staff are always happy to assist and answer any question you may have, even prior to your arrival. You will be given a warm welcome and everything you need onwards to help make your stay in Budapest memorable, if not the best one yet! Book Now